Ensure Blood Is Available for Patients Throughout the Year

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Ensure Blood Is Available for Patients Throughout the Year

Patient Need Never Ends
The summer months are around the corner and we think this one may be like no other when it comes to blood need. Following many weeks of postponed elective surgeries, we are anticipating an increase in the need for blood as those surgeries are rescheduled during the summer months and beyond.

If you belong to a group, business, church or other organization with at least 1,400 square feet of inside space, please consider hosting a blood drive this summer.


IF you are healthy, take the time now to schedule out your future donations for this June and the rest of the year.
Remember: book future appointments at least 56 days apart for whole blood donations.

It’s the blood already on hospital shelves that help patients when they need it. Because blood is perishable, we must plan ahead—even as we take care of current patient needs—for future emergencies and other necessary transfusions.

With your help, we will look back on this period and know that as a community we banded together with empathy,
heart and forethought. We can get through this unprecedented period together.

Read more about Vitalant’s response to COVID-19.

Call 877-258-4825 to make an appointment.

Vitalant is the new name for Blood Centers of the Pacific.

If you have been told previously by Vitalant or another blood center that you should never donate blood, please disregard this message. If you recently made a blood donation, or if you have already scheduled an appointment to donate blood, please accept our thanks on behalf of the patients whose lives you may have touched.

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