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San Bruno Parks and Recreation Mobile App

July is Parks and Recreation Month, and throughout the month we are highlighting 7 parks for families to visit, search for challenges, and complete missions.  

We began with SB Park, and have 2 parks a week starting tomorrow, 1 on each side of town to allow for all of our residents to have the opportunity to play with little travel.

To help celebrate Parks and Recreation Month this July, the San Bruno Parks and Recreation Dividion is excited to present Agents of Discovery.


Agents of Discovery is an augmented reality, geo-triggered app that gets you outside, active, and engaged in the world around you. 

With Agents of Discovery, you become a top-secret Agent, dedicated to solving the greatest mysteries of science, culture, technology, and nature.

Missions will be available in a number of our parks and will rotate throughout the month.

Make sure to look at our schedule to plan your missions.

Download the app and the Mission you want to play BEFORE heading out.

The app does not require any data or WiFi to run once it's been downloaded.

Are you ready?

Google Play Appm


Apple App Store




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