Crime Prevention Committee Feb 13 2020 Meeting Agenda

Article Source:  City of San Bruno CA

 February 13, 2020 - 7:00 p.m.

San Bruno City Hall - 567 El Camino Real 

Capuchino Conference Room #113

1.      Call to Order:
NOTE:  This meeting is being taped and the tape will be kept at least 30 days after the minutes for this meeting have been approved.

2.      Attendance: (quorum = 4)

3.      Presentations:

4.      Approval of Minutes:
  Vote to approve minutes for January 9 2020 Meeting and request Officer Rogge to arrange posting on City’s SBPD Crime web site.

5.      Member Comment / Communications & Announcements:

6.      Staff Reports:  SBPD Officer Rogge: 

7.      Public Comment on items not on the agenda
The State’s Brown Act prohibits discussing or acting upon any matter not on the agenda pursuant to State Law.  It is the Committee’s policy to refer matters raised in this forum to committee member(s) for review and/or action where appropriate or to place the item on an agenda for a future meeting.

8.      Business:

    1. Neighborhood Watch

ACTION:  Update on Brochure Distribution – City Hall (Riechel), Senior Center (Riechel), Library (Carey), Recreation Center (Boone), and San Bruno Park School District Office (they will call when needed).

ACTION: Obtain update on Neighborhood Watch outreach.
1. John G – Riechel

2. Ryan D – Robinson

3. Others – any still open

ACTION:  Discuss how we might benefit from having a City Map showing the NHW Blocks.  If approved, accept volunteer to chair this sub-committee.

    1. Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Partnership

ACTION: Receive update and discuss next steps from communication sent to the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) committee and their response.

ACTION:  Consider sending representative to Shelter Creek March 25th 2020 CERT Meeting – Invitation thru Val Morgen
ACTION:  Review communications to the Neighborhood Block captains regarding possible cooperation with the CERT committee.  Discuss next steps.

    1. CCPC Discuss Filling Committee Secretary Position

ACTION: Confirm that City Clerk has been informed of contacts for our 2020 Committee chair and vice chair. (Officer Rogge)

    1. CCPC 2020 Calendar

ACTION: Review and discuss possible updates to CCPC 2020 Calendar.  If any changes approved, Chair will distribute to committee.

ACTION:  (Officer Rogge) Ask City for desired info table placement at Day In the Park June 7 2020

ACTION:  (Officer Rogge) Request for desired info table placement at Health & Safety Fair ( Mullins – Tanforan – date TBD )

ACTION:   Discuss distributing info on March xx 2020 Community Emergency Preparedness Class

ACTION:  Begin discussion including seeking photos and determine who will draft our upcoming yearly committee report to the City Council – Possible June xx 2020 date.

ACTION:  Begin discussion on HOW our committee can cover shifts and where for the 4th of July events.

ACTION:  Begin discussions on proposed location(s) and events for National Night Out August 4th 2020

    1. Crime Tips / Social Media

      ACTION:  Update (Wong) on short Vacation Crime Tip and longer Crime Tip for possible use in our committee’s 2020 Yearly Report to the City Council.

      ACTION:  (Bilingual) Review Proposed English and Spanish Crime Tips.

Discuss and vote to approve the English and Spanish crime tips (2) for posting on San Bruno Cable and the City CCPC’s web page.

PROPOSED TIP:  Ignore texts

PROPOSED TIP:  Be aware of your children’s cell phone use

PROPOSED TIP:  If you are involved in a robbery

PROPOSED TIP:  Security Cameras & Residential Alarms

PROPOSED TIP:  Walking & Jogging Safety



ACTION:  Vacation Watch – Discuss how we can inform/invite residents to use this City service (Wong)

ACTION: Social Media – (ALL Committee Members) Update on discussion on topics to be used on PD Social Media Sites in coordination with the SBPD social networking relations team. Discuss which ones to prioritize for which specific months.

f.       Public Service Announcements (PSA’s)

ACTION:  Update (Rogge) on beginning discussion with City staff on our request to include “What Did YOU See” in our upcoming yearly report to the City Council.

ACTION: Review proposed PSA’s.

g.     Follow-up on open items from last meeting:

Life Moves – Discuss having a speaker from Life Moves and information we may be able to share with the community.

9.      Adjournment:

Next Meeting – March 12, 2020

San Bruno City Hall, Capuchino Room #113

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