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Barbara LaRaia Council Comments May 12 2020

Article Source:  Barbara LaRaia

The following comments were submitted by Barbara LaRaia and posted on the City's Council Meeting Comment page for May 12 2020 and re-printed here with Barbara's permission

Hello Everyone:   

Hello Everyone
 ITEM 3 "Public Comment on Items not on Agenda" :
1000 San Mateo Avenue - Owner of land wants COUNCIL to put on the ballot to change the height limit to up
to 130 feet (about 11 stories high)! This height seems exorbitant for the area of the airplane flight paths.
And, more importantly, having the COUNCIL put this item on the ballot has the potential to invite legal issues for
this city. Also, 1000 San Mateo Avenue is partially in South San Francisco, which can cause a host of other
potential problems.  Let the owner of the property collect signatures when it is appropriate timing,
and let him take the responsibility for the potential legal issues.  It also seems odd that someone would want
10 or more stories on a building in that area (or in San Bruno, in general). Also, there are so many
details missing in his info given to staff - much too broad a proposal from a legal perspective.
   Second item: (Still Item #3)   I am hoping that all council members respect the fact that staff has been
working very diligently and so late throughout this pandemic, so please let's keep the meetings as short as is
humanly possible under the circumstances. Try to severely minimize the number (and scope) of agenda items. 
At least one meeting has gone until almost midnight, and some council members (and staff) need to work
early the next morning.  We do not want people to become physically "run down" during this pandemic.
Thank you in advance.      
   Item 5a (Consent Calendar)- "Accounts Payable": S.B. Cable is STILL in the red at this point for $13.5 MILLION.
 Consider selling San Bruno Cable. Some years back it had to "borrow" about $17 MILLION dollars from the
general fund to "stay afloat", and it seems like not much financial progress has been made since then.   
 Re: PG&E bills (addressed twice a month), we need to conserve energy.  On 4/27 the bill was $16,990 and on
5/4 it was $6000 (warmer month). Please think about lowering the heat in Winter (wearing sweater indoors)
and INCREASING the air conditioning TEMPERATURE in Summer. A year+ ago when I went into the library in
the Summer, it was very cold inside:  I learned the a/c was set low and the inside temperature was 67 degrees! 
This hurts the planet and wastes (other peoples') money......
  Item 7B: Operating and Capital Budget. A couple of months before COVID19 was an issue, San Bruno staff
announced that San Bruno had a budget deficit of about $4 MILLION dollars (approx, end of 2019). We are
now near TRIPLE that several months later, since the pandemic hit. 
Ideas:  Let's not hire any more six-figure consultants; let's encourage workers close to retirement age to retire; let's
quickly start working on pension reform - apparently our biggest expense, and an issue Jerry Brown pushed to be taken care of throughout the State.
Please do NOT hire a new assistant city manager.  Unfortunately, we will likely need to lay off
some employees.   We will also likely need to continue to furlough some employees for some time...... 
Please RE-THINK our PORTFOLIO INVESTMENTS: (March 31 - "Portfolio Summary")
-  We have about TEN MILLION $ in  a U.S. government money market, and the return is a mere 0.02%! 
Take this $10,000,000 (market value) out of the money market and use it to pay bills....  
Get much-needed housing development approved and started at Mills Plaza site.... 
Give lowcost (or even free) business licenses to small business startups. 
Lastly, can a council member form a "subcommittee" to work with the
 City Treasurer/finance director to study issues in the budget and then report them publicly from time to time?   
  Thank you for your time.
Barbara LaRaia
E=Mail Barbara at BarbaraLaRaia2004@Yahoo.com

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