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Barbara LaRaia on NOT Safe & Sane Fireworks
Comments posted for July 28 2020 Council Meeting

Article Source:  Barbara LaRaia

At the July 14 City Council Meeting, there were staff reports from Police and Fire about the Fourth of July Fireworks "madness".  It was basically like a war zone in San Bruno, with M-80s going off along with the so-called "safe and sane" fireworks. As always, the noise was at unacceptable decibel levels. and the smoke from the fireworks  (including "safe and sane") undoubtedly exacerbated people's health conditions, notably Asthma.  

  The police chief gave a report and several times mentioned how "safe and sane " fireworks are not an issue, and that they are safe. Sadly, this is not the case. And for the record, the San Bruno Police Union has a Fireworks booth each year and sells so-called "safe and sane" fireworks. It feels uncomfortably like a little bit of a conflict of interest for police to report on these fireworks when they are actually selling them. ( However, I thoroughly support the San Bruno Police Dept., and do NOT want them to be defunded, as some other cities are considering. I will always defend our great P.D. and will fight to keep the department funded)

A female doctor from UCSF on June 28 discussed the dangers of so-called safe and sane fireworks on a news program. (Ch. 36). She attends to the victims (many children). She noted that so-called safe and sane SPARKLERS are dangerous, and have caused amputation of limbs. Some years back a Doctor from the Children's Hospital in Oakland actually testified publicly (San Bruno City Council - televised) about the cases he has had to treat (at the burn center ) from so-called safe and sane fireworks.He stated publicly that safe and sane fireworks are not safe. 

Our former Fire Chief Tom Ott bravely went public at a council meeting and stated that safe and sane fireworks are not safe, and he had experience to prove it. Safe and sane fireworks are claimed to NOT jump or leave the ground. Not so, said Chief Ott. He said he was lighting one and it jumped and landed on a bush attached to the house and he had to put out the fire with a hose before the fire spread to the house.  VERY WINDY San Bruno with houses so close together and made up of so many hills is a bad place for any kind of fireworks. ALL fireworks contain gunpowder, and are best left to the fire department to put on a public display IF there is a safe place (perhaps mall parking lot?)  in San Bruno for this. However, with all the wildfires and climate change and changes in weather, and wild San Bruno winds, this public display by the Fire Dept. would need to be thoroughly discussed first. 

Lastly, since every other surrounding city except one has banned ALL fireworks, enforcement in the "banned" cities "is so much easier, according to several fire marshalls I interviewed some years back. In towns like San Bruno, when an officer tries to figure out who is setting off the illegal (versus "safe and sane") ones, it is almost impossible to tell since there are usually several people in a group setting off different kinds.  With a ban on ALL fireworks, enforcement becomes simpler, our properties are more protected, and pets need not suffer.

   Barbara LaRaia      San Bruno  E=Mail barbaralaraia2004@yahoo.com


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