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A joint message brought to you by the City of San Bruno, San Bruno Park School District,
San Mateo Union High School District and other local partners
April 7, 2020
For Immediate Release:
San Bruno, California - San Bruno’s legacy of being the City with a Heart manifests itself once again – this time in the face of the COVID-19 “Shelter in Place” directive, which resulted in the closure of all school sites, affecting San Bruno Park School District (SBPSD) students and teachers.  To the rescue has emerged a partnership with YouTube, the City of San Bruno, and the San Bruno Education Foundation to support the San Bruno Park School District’s efforts to provide at home/remote teaching and distance learning.  This requires immediate development of tools that will enable continued student engagement and growth. 

The partnership’s time-sensitive goals are (1) for 100% San Bruno Park educators and staff to be trained in digital learning tools and a distance learning platform – Google Classroom to deliver education remotely; and (2) for all students to have access to a device and internet to use at home during school dismissal, with an emphasis on disadvantaged families.

YouTube is contributing $60,000 in funds to the San Bruno Education Foundation that will provide professional development for teachers and staff to become trained in digital learning tools and the Google Classroom distance learning platform.  New and replacement computers and other technology for SBPSD students will also be provided.

“The San Bruno Education Foundation is thrilled to participate in this collaboration with San Bruno at its best.  We remain deeply grateful for the extraordinary ongoing support from YouTube and all our community partners for our students and teachers,” commented Dr. Bryan Vander Lugt, San Bruno Education Foundation Vice President.

Google Classroom, which creates a paperless system for teaching and learning, is not new to the District.  Rollingwood Elementary School began piloting it in 2017.  The free service from Google allows teachers to set up online Classrooms for students.  In one place, teachers can create assignments, send announcements, and instantly begin class discussions.  Students can conduct research, share resources with each other, and interact in the class stream, all while developing their technology skills.  Teachers can quickly see who has/has not completed the work and give immediate feedback and grades.  Student-teacher communication stays organized and in one place.  Parents receive an email summary of their child’s work, which includes information on missing work. 

The Google Teacher Center has been awarded the International Society for Technology in Education Seal of Alignment for providing educators worldwide with the professional development necessary to effectively leverage technology in their classrooms.  Upon completion of the training, SBPSD teachers will become Google Certified Educators equipped to implement digital/remote learning for students.  “I applaud the eagerness with which SBPSD teachers and staff have responded to ‘do the right thing’ - whatever it takes - to ensure their students succeed in this challenging time,” commented Dr. Sharon Kamberg, the District’s Interim Superintendent.

“YouTube is proud to call San Bruno home.  We know this has been a challenging time for so many, and when the San Bruno Education Foundation reached out with a request to rapidly develop tools for student engagement and growth, as well as professional development for teachers, we wanted to help,” said Rebecca Prozan, Senior Manager for Google/YouTube’s Government Affairs and Public Policy.  “We’re excited that the $60,000 YouTube funds will be used for laptops, professional development for teachers, as well as wireless hot spots for students,” said Prozan.

The City of San Bruno joined the partnership to assist additional families who do not have internet at home.  “When San Bruno Park School District announced their distance learning program, we knew that we were uniquely positioned to provide internet service to children in need.  As a municipal telecommunications provider, the City was able to rapidly develop a program to offer the internet access to low-income San Bruno families with PreK-12 children,” said City Manager Jovan D. Grogan.  “Furthermore, we saw this as an opportunity to partner with other local organizations to bring this program to fruition and to support a full year of service for families in need,” said Grogan.

A number of funders immediately stepped forward to fully underwrite the $32,000 cost for 12-months of internet services to 120 families.  They include contributions from the San Bruno Community Foundation ($10,000), the City of San Bruno ($13,000), San Bruno Lions Club ($5,000), San Bruno Rotary ($5,000), and the San Bruno Police Association ($5,000).

“In my short time with the District, it is clear that the San Bruno community is willing to invest and create innovative ways to support the education of San Bruno’s children,” concluded Dr. Kamberg.  

Deployment of the devices began on April 3, 2020 and will continue until all of the devices are distributed to the District’s families in need.  

“We are always glad to have the opportunity to partner with members of the business community and residents to support San Bruno’s youth. The City’s heart is ever-present,” said Grogan.
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