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San Bruno Responds FREE Application

Consider installing on your cell phone and using it when you are out

Article Source:  City of San Bruno CA

San Bruno Responds


You can download for free the mobile app from Google Play or the APP Store so when you are out you can report your concerns.

San Bruno Responds web page where YOU should log in ALL of your requests to the City for action or log in ALL of your complaints.

This page is monitored daily by those responsible for

1.      Responding back to your request

2.      Advising you which department and who will be handling your request

3.      TRACKING action on your request

4.      Allowing tabulating and reporting data collected

5.  YOU can login and see what action has been taken

If you just send an E=Mail to the Council or to the City Manager or other specific City employees, they may NOT be the responsible employee so someone needs to forward your request and E=Mails can get lost, misplaced, or overlooked.  This could result in action on your request being delayed or not receiving any action.

The City web page provides the following details.

Welcome To San Bruno Responds! Here you can report issues, track their status and receive updates as the City reviews, addresses and completes the request.  

San Bruno Responds is an online reporting tool to submit service requests (illegal dumping, potholes, sidewalk issues, graffiti, tree concerns, etc.) via our mobile app or website directly to the City of San Bruno.

With San Bruno Responds, service requests are easily submitted by completing a short description of the request. A picture of the issue can be included in order to provide additional details. The mobile app will automatically know the issue location* and the chosen request type will ensure that the issue is sent to the appropriate department in the City. The submitter and subsequent followers will be able to track the request through to its resolution. All requests are sorted and assigned a priority by City staff, and will be processed accordingly.

Official City of San Bruno responses will be provided from a designated “Verified Official” representative.

Requests made through San Bruno Responds are considered non-emergency / non-hazardous in nature and will be responded to during normal business hours Mon-Fri (excluding holidays).

If this is an emergency, DIAL 9-1-1 OR (650) 877-8989 
or the Police non-emergency number (650) 616-7100.

*Please note that location services must be enabled on your device.



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