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Bryan Vander Lugt - Running For San Bruno Park School Board 2020

Article Source:  Bryan Vander Lugt

Dear San Bruno community,

I am running for the San Bruno Park School District Governing Board because I believe that our children and our community deserve great schools.  The San Bruno Park School District is entering a critical period of great challenges.  We are onboarding our fourth Superintendent in six years and our teachers are among the lowest paid in the area.  Yet we also have enormous opportunity to transform our schools with the recently passed bond and proceeds from surplus property sales, if used wisely. 

We need strong leadership on our school board, working collaboratively and building deep community partnerships, to set clear priorities and make difficult choices. 

I believe that my qualifications and experience position me well to serve our schools.  I am a navy veteran and hope to bring my leadership experience to our school board.  I have insight into the educator experience from my years teaching during my Ph.D. studies at Harvard.  Most importantly, I have two children in the school district attending Parkside and am invested in advocating for every child in San Bruno with the voice of a parent. 

I have dedicated my time and energy to serving our community, particularly for our youth.  I have given hundreds of hours coaching in AYSO soccer and San Bruno baseball as well as serving in the San Bruno Rotary Club.  I am especially proud of the years I spent on the Board of the San Bruno Education Foundation, collaboratively building community partnerships with the San Bruno Community Foundation, corporate partners like YouTube, philanthropic organizations like the Joseph W. Welch Jr. Foundation, our service clubs, and many San Bruno citizens dedicated to provide our kids with elevated music/arts, STEM, and remote learning support.  I helped lead implementation of the Music Education Strategic Initiative, delivering a national award-winning program with equitable access to high quality music education for every student in our district.  Over my tenure, the expanding ecosystem of support for our schools resulted in approximately 10-fold growth of the SBEF budget.  I also contributed to development of our Portrait of a Graduate – a guiding framework with which to reimagine how we instill 21st century life and career skills in our students.   

I believe strongly that education “takes a village”.  Our schools are in need of leadership with the ability to bring our “village” together in order to meet the challenges we face.  For that reason, I am stepping forward to seek election to our school board.  I hope to earn your support and your vote.

Bryan Vander Lugt, Ph.D.




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