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BPAC Chairman's Bulletin 78 - 2021-02-12

Article Source:  San Bruno Bike & Pedestrain Committee Chairman



Number 78

Friday, February 12, 2021


Dear BPAC Colleagues and Staff:

It is my pleasure to announce that our City Councilman, the honorable Michael Salazar, is our liaison for BPAC.
I also wish to congratulate Pamela T. Wu who is now our Community and Economic Development Director …
a well deserved appointment!

One of my goals as BPAC Chairman is to present an interesting speaker for our meetings. To date our first three presenters, Craig Davis “Increasing Cycling Safety,” San Bruno Fire Marshall Gage Schlice, Crestmoor Canyon Development, and San Mateo County C/CAG BPAC Member Malcolm Robinson, Grants and history of Crestmoor Canyon; all have been outstanding, pertinent, compelling, and engaging during their presentations to San Bruno BPAC.


I am so pleased to announce that I have secured a Guest Speaker for our March 10th meeting, MARY THOMASMEYER, Commuter Programs Specialist at Commute.org who just confirmed that she will be speaking to us about issues related to Commute.org; primarily, “Bike to Work Day.” I am also hoping that BILL BRIGHT, Commute.org Bike to Work Day” Event Coordinator will be joining us as well.

Visitors always welcome at our meetings- to listen to our guest speakers.

I know that all of us received the important email message from our City Attorney Marc Zafferano, so please read and study his important comments!

Wishing everyone a joyous Presidents’ Day holiday; as well as good health, much happiness and continuing success.

To all BPAC Members and Staff be well and safe during this terrible pandemic.


David M. Nigel, BPAC Chairman

567 El Camino Real | San Bruno, CA  94066

P – (650) 291 – 9572

E – davidnigel500@san brunocable.com




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