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Federal Money For 3 CalTrain Crossings

Article Source:  CA State Senator Josh Becker

One Day After Calling For Restored Funding, Legislature Announces Legislative Budget Agreement That Rejects Cuts To Fixing California’s Most Dangerous Train Crossing

Sacramento, CA—Today, Senator Josh Becker (D-Menlo Park) praised the announcement of the Joint Legislative Budget Agreement Plan that rejects the proposed budget cuts to the Transit and Intercity Rail Capital Program. This announcement comes one day after Senator Becker held a press conference with a coalition of regional and local officials at the most dangerous train crossing in California calling for the restoration of over $100 million to fund three high priority grade crossing improvement and separation projects in the San Francisco Peninsula. 

 “Today’s announcement rejecting proposed budget cuts for critical grade separation projects in Burlingame, Palo Alto, and Mountain View demonstrates that the Legislature is united in prioritizing safety, improving public transit, and honoring its prior commitments that have been made to our communities,” said Becker. “We need these state funds now so that we can leverage federal matching funds and finally begin construction on these necessary safety upgrades.”

During his press conference, Senator Becker joined a coalition of local leaders to call for the reinstatement of over $113 million from the California State Transportation Agency’s Transit and Intercity Rail Capital Program, which was excluded from the Governor’s proposed 2024-25 budget. The agency identified three high priority projects for the following awards:

$70 million for the City of Burlingame Broadway Grade Separation

$20 million for the City of Mountain View Caltrain Grade Separation Project         

$23.79 million for the Palo Alto – Palo Alto Rail Grade Separation

The total cost of the Burlingame Broadway Grade Separation, which is the highest priority for the state due is $291.976 million. The City of Burlingame has already committed $2 million for the Broadway Grade Separation with a potential addition of $15 million more. The San Mateo County Transit Authority has committed $180 million. If the state follows through with restoring the $70 million it awarded last year to this project, it could likely draw down matching funds from the federal government and construction could begin as early as 2025. These three improvement projects will improve public safety, reduce the number of traffic collisions and trespasser and suicide injuries and deaths, alleviate traffic congestion, reduce delays, improve air quality and improve emergency vehicle response times.

Since the cuts were proposed, Senator Becker has been working with Senator Scott Wiener, Chair of the Senate Committee on Budget, and his legislative colleagues to restore this funding. The Joint Legislative Budget Agreement Plan now goes before the budget committee process for consideration.

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