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Bike To Wherever Days September 2020

Article Source:  Bill Bright - Bike to Work Day event coordinator  AND David Nigel

Plan for Bike to Work Day 2020.

Last week at the Bay Area Bike To Work Day committee meeting a number of things were decided as reported by Bill Bright, Bike to Work Day - event coordinator:

1. Since so many people are not traveling to work, it doesn't make sense to have a Bike To Work Day.

2. In person, face-to-face Energizer Stations are not safe.

3. More people are bicycling in general since it is naturally physically distanced.

4. We needed to re-imagine our plans for September, so we came up with Bike to Wherever Days - a month-long, fun activity that can engage a broad audience and get more people biking instead of a one-day Bike to Work Day. You can read more about Bike to

Wherever Days at https://commute.org/btwd-2020

Next steps for making BTWDs a success:

1. Publicize Bike to Wherever Days through all your channels and encourage everyone to sign up for Bike to Wherever Days at Love to Ride Bay Area to track your mileage & rides, have a chance to win prizes, and compete with individuals and teams! Get your friends to join and have even more fun! Also, stay tuned for details on Commute.org’s special BTWD promotion for San Mateo County.

2. BTWD Bags - we have them and need help distributing them. Can you still take some to give out through whatever channels you have available or have them on hand throughout the year as a giveaway? If you are able to take some off our hands, how many? Please go to this Google Form to let us know. We'll be delivering them at the end of August. BTWD bags will also be available at selected bike shops and a few other locations around San Mateo and Santa Clara counties. People who register on Love to Ride will get advanced notice of locations. We'll also send a list of locations early September.

3. We are not doing any T-shirts this year.

4. There are no posters for BTWDs.

5. There will not be any Bicycle Commuter of the Year awards this year.

6. If you are interested in learning how to improve conditions for bicycling, please attend Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition’s virtual Bike Summit. Sign up at https://bikesiliconvalley.org/summit/

Contact us with any questions.


Bill Bright

Bike to Work Day - event coordinator

email: bike2work@commute.org

P: 650-678-3314

Working with:
Mary Thomasmeyer

Commuter Programs Specialist



650-588-8170 x101


Our City of San Bruno Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC) is proud to  have participated in “Bike to Work Day” each and every year and have gone from no local “Refresher Stations” … to two (2) very successful ones!....each located at San Bruno BART and San Bruno Caltrain Station. More than three hundred bicyclists either stop or pass-by our stations on their way to work.

We especially are grateful to BPAC member Cecile Riborozo representing Walmart Corporation

for her dedicated and continuous support of this program as well as YouTube who also sponsors one of our “Refresher” stations.

Our active and supportive BPAC members and staff work at the “Refresher’ stations handing out maps of bicycle paths throughout San Mateo County, tire repair kits, reflectors, refreshments, and the coveted “Bike to Work Day” bags.

This annual event is one of BPAC’s highlights in addition to school visits for pedestrian and bicycle safety presentation, information tables at City Park during the Posy Parade and Community Day in the Park celebration, Children’s Day Event in City Park, Public Service Announcements on Cable television, bicycle rodeos, and workshops.

BPAC of the City of San Bruno is certainly an active and successful Community Service organization comprised of Vice Chairman Walter Bird, Gus Sinks, Cecile Riborozo, Henry Mar, Matt Gaines, and David Nigel. 


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