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Bryan Vander Lugh has organized Zoom roundtable discussions
Around SBPSD Subjects

Article Source: Bryan Vander Lugt

Bryan Vander Lugh has organized a few Zoom roundtable discussions around topics
 he thinks are of interest for our schools. 

Roundtable Discussions for Our Schools – Bryan Vander Lugt

I’ve organized a series of roundtable Zoom discussions around topics that I believe are of interest for 

the future of our schools.  

If you have the interest and time please feel free to join us and add your voice.

Planning for Schools with Tomorrow Inside – Let’s Discuss

Tuesday, September 8 - 7pm

Zoom link


Valuing, Supporting, and Empowering our Staff – Let’s Discuss

Thursday, September 17 - 7pm

Zoom link


What do 21st Century Classrooms Look Like? – Let’s Discuss

Monday, September 21 - 7pm

Zoom link


Building Community Partnerships for Our Schools – Let’s Discuss

Saturday, September 26 - 5pm

Zoom link


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