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California Clubhouse Art Show and Giving Days
May 31st 2023 & June 1st 2023

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Making a Difference in Mental Heath

Wed. May 31st Art Show & Thurs. June 1st, California Clubhouse 3rd Annual Giving Day Opportunity



WHAT: Good health includes mental health! On June 1st, California Clubhouse will join with other Clubhouses in the U.S. and around the world (up to 332) to come together and raise funds to build and enhance community, programs and services. The goal is to raise awareness and sustainability for our Clubhouse in San Mateo County and for Clubhouses around the world.


A celebration of our community with balloons, cupcakes, snacks, music, games, art and more! Come

on by and see your donation make a difference – in real time – as it hits our leader board! 


               ART SHOW, Wednesday, May 31, 5-8pm: An art exhibit by individuals with mental health challenges.


WHY: Because of the stigma surrounding a mental illness diagnosis versus that of cancer or diabetes for example.
Individuals with mental health difficulties need and deserve a safe and welcoming space and

understanding staff to vanquish loneliness and aid in their recovery. Clubhouse is that space in San Mateo County.

WHERE: Online at californiaclubhouse.org and in person at 210 Industrial Road, #102, San Carlos and on Zoom.

WHEN: Thursday, June 1st, 2023; 12:01am – 11:59pm (online) and in person from Noon – 4:00pm.


WHO: Since the onset of the Covid pandemic, more people have come to understand the importance of mental health and the impact it makes in all aspects of everyday life. Clubhouse Giving Day is for everyone to acknowledge that good health includes mental health, Everyone who has been impacted by a mental health diagnosis a parent, brother, sister, cousin, significant other, friend, co-worker – or oneself – deserves the support offered by California Clubhouse.  


Accolades for California Clubhouse: Members are grateful for the California Clubhouse: “Because they saved my life. I’ve been a member for seven years now.” “It is fun, it is exciting it is wonderful;”, “For giving me friends and a new family;”, “I am grateful for having friends that don’t abuse me.”


About California Clubhouse (www.californiaclubhouse.org)

Clubhouse is a community of recovery, hope and dignity empowering people with live with mental illness through work, friendship, resources, support, and an overarching ethic that focuses on building strengths rather than managing Illness.


California Clubhouse is a community. It is more than a program or social service. 

Clubhouse is a community of people who are working towards a common goal -
of getting their lives back – after receiving a mental health diagnosis of Schizophrenia, 

Bi-Polar, PTSD or Anxiety for example.


California Clubhouse is participative. 

Each Clubhouse member participates in consensus-based decision making in all aspects of how 

the Clubhouse is run. 

Participants are members, not patients or consumers. 

Clubhouse is run as a support system, not as a service or treatment program. 

Inclusion is at the very heart of Clubhouse.


May is Mental Health Month

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San Carlos, CA (May 29, 2023)

Contact: Erica Horn, Exec. Direct

206-412-7209 (cell)


210 Industrial Road, #102, San Carlos, CA. Tel: 650-539-3345
California Clubhouse is a 501(c)3 organization; Tax ID #46-2909253

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