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PROPOSE SB 938 Utility Accountability Act

Article Source:  CA Legislature

Link to Proposed Senate Bill 938

T.U.R.N. Writes

SB 938 (Min) Utility Accountability Act

SB 938 would prohibit utilities from wasting precious dollars collected from ratepayers to fund political activities, promotional advertisements, and membership dues of trade associations engaged in lobbying. 

Key provisions showing how SB 938 protects ratepayers and holds PG&E, SoCal Edison, SDG&E, SoCal Gas, and other regulated utilities accountable.

  • Prohibits utilities from spending ratepayer dollars for lobbying for rate increases, TV commercials, and other promotional advertising, and penalizes them if they get caught.

  • Prohibits utilities from using ratepayer dollars to cover membership dues to trade associations engaged in political lobbying.

  • Requires utilities to disclose at the bottom of every TV commercial, newspaper ad, or other public messaging whether shareholders or ratepayers are the source of funding.

  • Requires utilities to publish an annual report documenting their compliance with SB 938.

  • Requires that 75% of penalties or settlements paid by shareholders for violations of SB 938 be used to assist low-income families transition to electric appliances, and 25% be used for enforcement of SB 938

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