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CAP Parent's Survey

Article Source:  Capuchino High School


Survey for Families Regarding the Spring Semester


Dear Families and Students:

Last night our Board of Trustees heard a report from the Spring Semester Committee about the possibility for students to return to campus for some in-person instruction in 2021. Part of their direction from this meeting was to survey our families about your interest level for returning to campus.


Please take the survey to tell us more about your interest in having your student return to campus and the factors that are important in your decision making. We know that sometimes parents’ responses can differ from their teens, so we ask that you discuss the survey as a family and answer from that perspective. Please submit one survey for each student in your household. 


This is not a binding survey. Your candid answers will help us to formulate a re-opening plan and make decisions about how to best serve our students in the spring semester. The survey will close at 6 p.m. on Monday, November 23, so please respond before then. 

Thank you!


Kevin Skelly, Ph.D. 


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