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Caldwell Gallery presents “Figures in a Landscape”
June 29 through September 27, 2021

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EXHIBITION: Caldwell Gallery presents “Figures in a Landscape”

DATES: June 29 through September 27, 2021


LOCATION: 400 County Center at the Hall of Justice in Redwood City main floor.

HOURS: Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. - The Caldwell Gallery presents “Figures in a Landscape” watercolors by Diane Lee Moomey

Diane is a painter, sculptor and writer living in Half Moon Bay, California. She has shown claywork in Ontario and Quebec, Canada, and since moving to California in the eighties has exhibited cut-paper sculptures, brush drawing and hand-made books. For the past decade she has worked almost exclusively in watercolor. Diane is also a poet, and that work informs, and is informed by, her art.

Artist’s Statement about her current body of work:

“This  large series of watercolors depicts, in color and form, the invisible portions of our world: the way in which different combinations of the five elements creates distinct layers of phenomena; the portals or doorways that open between one stratum and the next; the pathways that the inquiring mind might take to visit these alternate spaces and return intact. It also portrays the visible spectrum: as feminine energy in the forms of goddesses, dryads, dakinis and
everyday women; as the energy of the natural world in the forms of water and plants, birds and bears.
The imagery is a fusion of both Asian and Western mythological and philosophical thought: the archetypes and symbols made visible in the many renditions of the Tarot, those that stem from the Goddess religions, those appearing in the traditions of Northern Buddhism and the ancient Bon religion, some from the Judeo-Christian traditions. All these elements have nourished my own spiritual journey and appear in personalized form in this series.

I have compiled these images into a deck of Journey Cards to be used for intuitive readings, with a companion book containing information about each image, explaining how it might be used in both traditional and non-traditional spreads.”
To see more of Diane’s work, and to purchase Journey Card set or notecards, please visit www.dianeleemoomeyart.com

For more information:

Diane Lee Moomey: dianeleemoomey@gmail.com
The Community Gallery, located on the lower level of the Hall of Justice building will be showing
“Inflection Points” by Redwood City artist Laurel Bergman from July 1 to September 28.

The “Inflection Points” collection of Laurel Bergman’s work embodies several different turning points. She first began to notice nature’s examples in the garden this spring seen in the iris series. Things can reach a certain point then turn sharply in another direction.

A local artist, Laurel has been working with watercolor and acrylic for over 15 years. Water medium allows the fluid movement, luminosity, and balance that characterize her paintings. Many paintings in this exhibit embody inflection points in her artistic development as she continues exploring.

Ongoing study with masters of water media forms Laurel’s solid background. Stephen Quiller, internationally recognized for use of water media and color, has been Laurel’s inspiration for many years. Mike Bailey provided grounding in composition and tehnique. She is grateful to these and many other teachers for encouraging her to experiment and trust her own vision.

Laurel is a member of the Santa Clara Watercolor Society (SCVWS), the Sequoia Art Group and several art critique groups. Her paintings have been exhibited at the SCVWS Annual Shows, The San Mateo County Fair Fine Arts Galleria, the Pacific Art League, Redwood City Library and City Hall, and the Redwood City Annual Show, where they have consistently won awards. Many paintings have been purchased by clients and friends across the country.

For more information

Laurel Bergman: lbfineart@myastound.net

All shows are sponsored by the San Mateo County Arts Commission and are curated by Boris Koodrin.

Gallery hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mondays through Fridays.

For more information, you may visit our website at cmo.smcgov.org/arts-commission.


Press release contact:
Boris Koodrin muralist/ illustrated doors Curator, San Mateo County Arts Commission 650-534-6128 cell


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