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Why Covid-19 Testing & Contact Tracing?

Article Source:  County of San Mateo - CA

So, you got COVID tested. Now what? Most results are returned in 72 hours. If your first COVID test is negative, you should get tested again if you: ✔️ Are concerned about possible exposure ✔️ Have spent time with people outside your household ✔️ Have had exposure to someone with confirmed or possible COVID-19 ✔️ Have symptoms ✔️ Work in a congregate setting like a nursing home or shelter or are planning to visit someone at high risk for severe COVID-19 illness If you test positive for COVID-19, a contact tracer from San Mateo County Health will contact you. The contact tracer will provide information about the support services, including accommodations, meals, and economic assistance, that may be available for those who qualify. If you do test positive, view home isolation instructions in multiple languages:


Testing for COVID-19 is available for everyone who lives or works in San Mateo County regardless of symptoms. San Mateo County has recently increased testing capacity by almost 5,000 tests per week. New appointments and testing locations are now available. 




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