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San Bruno Mayor Rico Medina Announces His Bid For Re-Election 2020

Article Source:  San Bruno Mayor Rico Medina

As Albert Einstein famously said, “The only source of knowledge is experience”. I couldn’t agree more and in that vein I’m seeking re-election as your Mayor. San Bruno has never faced a more critical time in its history.  Progress is not predicated on change; rather, it occurs when experience, conscience, and integrity intersect with vision and demonstrated leadership.  As a lifelong resident with 40 years of my life being immersed in public service, I have gained the knowledge necessary to navigate both the political and public obstacles that are certain to come over the coming years.

While a student at Capuchino, I was appointed to San Bruno Citizens’ Crime Prevention Committee becoming its youngest chair, advancing through the years from appointments to other San Bruno commissions and ad hoc committees, preparing me first for City Council and, then, to be your Mayor in 2017. Further, I was an employee of the City of San Bruno (Parks and Rec) in the 1980’s - 1990’s and in that capacity acquired insight into City operations and negotiations as a shop steward.



Importantly, I have experience serving on numerous county and regional bodies in areas that are key for representing San Bruno’s interests including transportation and emergency services as well as advisory committees for the school district. 



Over the years San Bruno has seen more than its fair share of emergency situations and challenges.  Issues such as the housing crisis and economic downturn in 2008-09, the PG&E pipeline explosion tragedy, shooting incidents at YouTube and Tanforan Mall have all affected us deeply and together we’ve persevered.  I have personally made considerable growth during those times and gained significant knowledge in terms of navigating the political and bureaucratic hurdles in times of need.   Now the national conversation around social justice issues and the COVID-19 pandemic will take all the tenacity and strength we can muster.  Ensuring public safety while stimulating the economy is going to take both a collective community effort as well as experience in deciphering the quickly changing mandates and leveraging available resources in a coordinated and efficient manner.  



These are deeply troubling times and our City is no exception in being faced with issues like homelessness and housing to meet the needs of a diverse community, infrastructure, and transportation. A city’s budget is only as strong as its revenue sources, so we must continue to look at development as a critical source of income to support progress. Any responsible civic leader must recognize the need for development in our city as crucial in providing housing and workplaces so those that work in our city can live in our city.  



As such we’re very focused on ensuring any development in San Bruno will be a responsible development.  Responsible development means that we will ensure there are strict guidelines that will have to be adhered to in order to build in our fair city.  We will make sure that projects will create much-needed, good paying jobs for the women and men in construction and the trades.  Good jobs that pay living wages, provide health benefits, pensions, and safe working conditions.  We need as many of our friends and neighbors collecting paychecks during this pandemic-induced recession as possible.



COVID-19 is obviously having a lasting impact across all cities in America. San Bruno is no exception. Our paramount focus, in the face of this unforeseen circumstance, must be the safety and welfare of our residents, vulnerable senior citizens, and the support of small businesses. The San Bruno Community Foundation and Chamber of Commerce have stepped up to support City efforts.  Skyline College will be an important partner to retrain workers and foster learning if families can’t afford a university right away. There is however, much more to be addressed.  In this moment, living through the pandemic and recovering from it must be our focus.  Following the science is the right thing to do, and that will most certainly have an impact on the budget. Now is not the time to elect someone who will be learning on the job, we can’t afford a single misstep.  Navigating the politics and political bureaucracies takes someone who is adept at distilling the ‘noise to signal’ ratios quickly and effectively.  No other candidate has the intrinsic knowledge and fiduciary responsibility that I will bring to the office.



Due to COVID-19 and to protect the health and safety of others, I and those who are volunteering for me will not be knocking on your door out of respect to you and your families.  We are more than happy to set up a virtual meeting or phone call to address and discuss your concerns and answer your questions. 



Please contact me RicoMedina2020@gmail.com or at 650-869-5009 (home).



I respectfully ask for your vote on November 3 – a vote for the preservation of values and the welfare of San Bruno.



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