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Michael Salazar Announces For Re-Election To San Bruno City Council

Article Source:  Michael Salazar

Dear San Bruno Community:

With the support of my family, friends and neighbors, I am seeking reelection to the San Bruno City Council.  I wholeheartedly believe that my first-hand experience with issues facing San Bruno and my understanding of how complex decision making is when considering the welfare of ALL members of the community, qualify me as worthy of your vote

I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Aeronautical Engineering from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Rochester.  I have a breadth of educational and professional experience across many fields including engineering, finance, operations and technology that qualify me to make well-informed decisions for the City.

I have much to offer our community, especially now that we are all experiencing, in one way or another, the impact of COVID-19 and the resulting financial stress on individuals as well as on the City.  There is no substitute for experience and that is what our community needs now.  We need integrity, compassion, dedication and proven leadership – that is who I am.

During every election cycle we hear from candidates touting their interest in improving downtown and spurring growth.  They fail to acknowledge the truth, which is that the City and Council, which I have served on, HAVE been working on several efforts that have set the stage for a comeback in our downtown: the Streetscape Plan, the Parking Plan and the Transit Corridor Plan are all geared toward breathing new life into San Bruno’s business district.  Future leaders, who were not involved in these efforts, should respectfully acknowledge and build on these programs, not tear them down and start over.

I have faithfully served this community since making San Bruno our family home in 2004: In volunteer capacities, I serve on the Capuchino High School Alumni Association Board, San Mateo County’s Measure K Oversight Committee and have served on the City’s Parks and Recreation Commission and Crime Prevention Committee.  Over time, I have served eight years on the Council, including three years as Vice-Mayor.

During my tenure, the Council has initiated infrastructure upgrades including improvements to aging water and wastewater infrastructure, completed the Caltrain grade separation and established the San Bruno Community Foundation. As a Councilmember, I have also served on the Peninsula Clean Energy Board and currently represent San Bruno on the City/County Association of Governments.

This election will be unique in many ways. Because the State is requiring that city elections now be conducted in even number years, our City Council election occurs for the first time during a Presidential election. In addition, this will be the first election in a lifetime to be conducted during a global pandemic, presenting safety concerns for those whose preference has been in person voting.

Given these circumstances, communication with the San Bruno community will be more challenging to my campaign. I invite you to send me questions, offer feedback, request a phone call or to arrange a Zoom meeting. I want to be as available as possible in these most restrictive of conditions.  

I also invite you to visit my website: SalazarForCouncil.com or 

email me at SalazarForCouncil@gmail.com.

I am committed to moving the City forward in a thoughtful and balanced manner, respectful of ALL who reside in San Bruno. I will consider all impacts to the community and work with the businesses and residents to achieve the best possible outcomes. I would appreciate your vote of confidence on the November ballot.


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