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Stephen Seymour Announces For Election To San Bruno City Council

Article Source:  Stephen Seymour

Stephen Seymour is running for a seat on the San Bruno City Council in November 2020

Seymour, Stephen    stephenseymour4citycouncil@gmail.com

Stephen Seymour

Retired Managing Director

I have watched this city struggle to move forward and believe that my track record in working relentlessly and cooperatively to achieve results will help guide San Bruno in the right direction.

I love and stay active in my community. I am a San Mateo Arts Commissioner and member of the San Bruno Traffic Safety and Parking Committee, the Measure X Oversight Committee, and the San Bruno Rotary.

My wife Sandra Perez-Vargas and I regularly volunteer at the Senior Center, the American Legion, Belle Air Elementary School, local churches, and other organizations.

I am also passionate about seeking and implementing new revenue sources, affordable housing options, improvements to San Mateo Avenue, and solutions for quality of life issues in San Bruno.

As a former Managing Director of Operations at FedEx, I was responsible for 100+ managers and more than 2000 other employees for the Bay Area and Hawaii.

With guidance from my team and staff, we were able to meet our budget requirements and improve organizational efficiency and services overall. If elected, I will leverage this experience to effectively improve city-wide services and meet the budget for the city of San Bruno.

I respectfully request your vote for City Council.

Please contact me at www.stephenseymourforcitycouncil.com,


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