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General Law City vs Charter City
Which Can Do What?

Article Source:  CA League of Cities

During San Bruno's recent Mayor and Council election one or more candidates talked about their desire to change San Bruno's form of government from that of a General Law City to that of a Charter City.  Not many details were shared with the community.  Most cities in California are General Law Cities.  Even if a city is a Charter City MANY state laws and requlations still must be followed by Charter Cities.  

The below table gives you information to allow you to better underatand the differences between the two types of cities.  

If San Bruno would become a Charter City ALL of the characteristics listed under a Charter City would determine how San Bruno would be run.

If Mayor Medina or any of the 4 council members talk about changing San Bruno from a General Law City to a Charter City consider asking them WHICH characteristics of a Charter City are her/his MAIN reason(s) for changing from San Bruno's current form of government AND WHAT abilities would San Bruno LOOSE.


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