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Paid Parking Adds 20 Minute Short Term Stay

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City of San Bruno
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City of San Bruno

A message from our San Bruno Police Department:

Hello San Bruno! 🌟

We're excited to announce several updates to our paid parking program, effective today, aimed at further improving your parking experience in our community.

🚗 New Short-Term Parking Option: In response to your feedback, we're introducing a new 20-minute parking option for just 75 cents for on-street parking. This is perfect for quick visits, like picking up an order or running a brief errand. Please note, this option is available exclusively at the parking kiosks due to transaction fees associated with app or QR code payments.

Pre-Payment Capability: We're also adding a feature that allows you to pre-pay for parking. If you arrive before paid parking hours but plan to stay into those hours, you can now pay in advance at the kiosk. This offers greater convenience and flexibility, so you don't have to return to a kiosk once paid parking starts.

📈 Program Achievements and Ongoing Evaluation: While our program is still in its early stages, it's already meeting its core objectives, including increasing parking turnover on the Avenue, encouraging longer-term parkers to use City parking lots, and maintaining an 85% occupancy rate for on-street parking. We continue to evaluate the data and will make adjustments as needed, ensuring our decisions are based on informed analysis.

🛠️ City staff have worked hard on these changes based on valuable feedback from business owners who support this program and want to see it succeed. We appreciate your ongoing support and feedback as we strive to make downtown San Bruno more accessible and vibrant for everyone.

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