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San Mateo County Parks Celebrates
April 16 thru August 13 2024

Article Source:  County of San Mateo - CA

Exhibit Opening:         
San Mateo County Parks Celebrates:

                                    50 Years at Wunderlich Park & 100 Years at Memorial Park
Opening Date: April 16, 2024
Closing Date: August 13, 2024

            The San Mateo County History Museum, at 2200 Broadway in Redwood City, will open a new exhibit entitled:

San Mateo County Parks Celebrate 50 Years at Wunderlich Park & 100 Years at Memorial Park
, helping the County Parks Department acknowledge its centennial.

The exhibit will feature historic photos of the above-mentioned parks and images of their respective landscapes before they became parks.

A photo of walls being built by Chinese immigrants in the 1870s at what is now Wunderlich Park, along with a shot of Folger Stable in 1905

 will join others for Wunderlich, while photos of Boy Scouts at Memorial Park in the 1920s and a Work Progress Administration

 photo from 1935 showing the construction of park buildings will highlight those for Memorial.

For more information go to www.historysmc.org.

Megan Nussbaum

Associate Education Director

San Mateo County Historical Association

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