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Crime Tip 04-04 - Distracted Driving Awareness Month

Article Source:  Robert Riechel

CRIME TIP From San Bruno Citizens’ Crime Prevention Committee

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April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month 
                                Do not text or use your phone while driving. 
Silence or turn off your phone, so you are not tempted. 
You could be seriously hurt or killed,
when you are not paying

          We care and be safe 

  Crime Prevention Committee 
 San Bruno Police Department 



Abril es el mes de Conducir sin Distraccion 

No mande texto o utilize el telefono mientras conduce. 

Silensiar o Apagar su telefono para que no tenga tentasion. 

 Usted podria resultar gravemente herido o morir 

 Cuando no esta prestando atencion. 

 Nos importa su seguridad 

                                 Comite De La Prevencion Contra el Delito 

                                   Departamento de la Policia de San Bruno 


The San Bruno Citizens Crime Prevention Committee meets the 2nd Thursday monthly at 7:00 p.m., currently via ZOOM.  The Public is welcome to attend.

The agenda for the upcoming meeting should be posted on the committee web page


Approved minutes for previous meetings should also be posted here.

The #1 task of the committee is to work to increase the number of Neighborhood Watch blocks in San Bruno.

QUESTION:  Why should San Bruno citizens consider starting a Neighborhood Watch along their block?


1.     The Neighborhood Watch Program is a highly successful effort that has been in existence for more than thirty years in cities and counties across America. It provides a unique infrastructure that brings together local officials, law enforcement, and citizens to work together to protect our communities.

2.     Neighbors for decades have banded together to create Neighborhood Watch programs. They understand that the ACTIVE participation of neighborhood residents is a critical element in community safety - not through vigilantism, but simply through a willingness to look out for suspicious activity in their neighborhood, and report that activity directly to law enforcement and to each other. In doing so, residents take a major step toward reclaiming high-crime neighborhoods, as well as making people throughout a community feel more secure and less fearful.

3.     Many neighborhoods already have established Neighborhood Watch programs that are vibrant and effective. For those that do not, the San Bruno Police Department is prepared to work with residents to participate in this important community-based effort on behalf of their friends and neighbors. When you help your neighbors, you help your community.

4.     Steps To Start YOUR NHW Block:  

                     5.  Distribute the San Bruno Citizens’ Crime Prevention NHW brochure to those residents of a block so that each one can understand what NHW is all about and what they would be committing to do, if they become a member of the NHW block.  The NHW unit should be a block.  All members of a neighborhood block should be able to SEE their full block.  This way all neighbors become more EYES & EARS along their single block, and when they see and or hear something they feel is out of place and or illegal or in need of EMERGENCY or Police involvement, THEY will immediately call either 911 or 650-616-7100 and report it.  When most of the residents along a single block agree they will participate, a member of the San Bruno Police Department will attend an introductory meeting with the residents to answer questions and assist them in selecting their BLOCK Captain.  ALL residents are directed to call 911 or 650-616-7100 DIRECTLY and not call their block captain and ask him/her to report their observation.  The person calling the San Bruno Police Department will usually have answers to questions asked by the San Bruno Police Department that the block captain may not be able to answer.

6.     BOTTOM LINE:  Residents actively participating in a Neighborhood Watch Block work towards assisting San Bruno EMERGENCY personnel to make their block just a little SAFER.

7.    EVERYONE WINS – Start YOUR Block

To request a citizens crime prevention committee member to contact you and answer your questions and or help you and your neighbors work to start your Neighborhood Watch Block, you should call the San Bruno Police Department non-emergency number 650-616-7100 and ask to leave your name and contact number with the San Bruno Police officer overseeing the San Bruno Citizens’ Crime prevention committee. Then a committee member will call you.

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