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Florida Park Soft Dedication
October 3 2020

Article Source:  Robert Riechel & Mike Palmer who is Chair of the Park & Rec Committee

ABOVE:  San Bruno Park & Recreation Committee

Chairman Mike Palmer being interviewed by San Bruno CityNet's Miriam

Mike offers the following words as chair of the City's Park & Recreation Commission


"On Saturday, October 3, I had the privilege of attending a "soft opening" sponsored by the City of San Bruno for a new open/green space area at Florida and Taylor Avenues in San Bruno.

The opening of this new open/green space provides an area for the residents of this part
of San Bruno to have the opportunity to enjoy some time outside in a new "park-like" setting.

I am confident that this new space will be welcomed by everyone that lives near it."

/s/  Mike

ABOVE:  City's Tim Wallace

ABOVE:  One of the Painted Rocks left at the park

ABOVE Right - Vice Mayor Michael Salazar

ABOVE:  City Manager Grogan

ABOVE San Bruno Mayor Rico Medina


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