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Stellantis Partners with California on Clean Car Standards

Article Source:  CA Governor Newsom

Stellantis Partners with California on Clean Car Standards


WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: The fourth-largest automaker in the world has partnered with California to get more clean cars on the road and cut pollution – a landmark agreement that’ll cut greenhouse gas emissions, align with California’s ZEV goals, invest $10 million in charging infrastructure, and more.

SACRAMENTO — Governor Gavin Newsom today announced that Big Three automaker Stellantis – whose brands include Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram and more – has agreed to a series of initiatives that will reduce pollution and ramp up clean vehicles on the roads. This follows the framework agreements that other top automakers have already signed on to with California.

WHAT GOVERNOR NEWSOM SAID: “This partnership with Stellantis will help California achieve our ambitious goals to drastically cut pollution and get more clean cars on the roads. The biggest and most influential companies in the world understand that this is how we can fight climate change together, and it’s another example of the private sector joining California to help millions of people get into clean vehicles.”

The agreement with Stellantis is the latest example of California’s ongoing collaboration with vehicle manufacturers to accelerate cleaner technology, provide industry certainty, increase consumer options, and improve public health.


Under the agreement, Stellantis will avoid up to 12 million additional metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions through the 2026 model year – equivalent to the emissions from more than 2.3 million vehicles driven in an entire year.

Furthermore, Stellantis will comply with California’s zero-emissions light-duty vehicle sales requirements through 2030 even if CARB is unable to enforce its standards as a result of judicial or federal action.

Stellantis has also committed to support California’s authority under the Clean Air Act for its greenhouse gas emissions and zero-emission vehicle standards.


Stellantis will invest $4 million to deploy public charging infrastructure in California’s rural areas and in federal, state, and county parks, plus an additional $6 million in other states that have chosen to adopt California’s greenhouse gas emissions standards.


Stellantis will undertake additional actions to support ZEV adoption, including discounts on new cars for car-share programs in disadvantaged communities, financial support of brand-neutral ZEV public awareness campaigns, ride-n-drive events, and dealership actions to ensure availability of ZEVs.

WHAT STELLANTIS CEO CARLOS TAVARES SAID: “Together, we have found a win-win solution that is good for the customer and good for the planet. This agreement will avoid 10 to 12 million metric tons greenhouse gas emissions over the lifetime of the agreement and will also allow our U.S. customers to fully benefit from our advanced technologies, including five plug-in hybrids and two pure electric vehicles. We remain as determined as ever to offer sustainable options across our brand portfolio and being a leader in the global decarbonization efforts.”

In July, California signed the Clean Truck Partnership with the nation’s leading medium- and heavy-duty vehicle manufacturers, including Stellantis, to accelerate deployment of zero-emission options. In 2020, CARB and light-duty vehicle manufacturers announced a voluntary framework agreement to ensure emissions reductions and provide regulatory certainty.

WHAT CARB CHAIR LIANE RANDOLPH SAID: “California’s work with leading manufacturers is an example of the collaboration that will clean our air, combat climate change and improve health outcomes for residents in the state. Importantly, industry collaboration helps accelerate the deployment of zero-emissions options that will make a more sustainable future possible.”

The sales of new zero-emission vehicles have soared 1022% over the past 10 years, according to data from the California Energy Commission. The state surpassed both its zero-emission truck sales and vehicle sales goals two years ahead of schedule and surpassed its 10,000 fast EV chargers goal more than a year ahead of schedule.

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