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HIP Housing - September 2021

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1.                How does home sharing work?

HIP Housing is a nonprofit organization which since 1972 has been connecting Home owners or renters (Home Providers) who have a residence with one or more bedrooms, with persons seeking housing (Home Seekers) to pay rent or exchange activities for reduced rent. HIP Housing’s Home Sharing program is not a short-term vacation rental type program.

Home Providers must live in San Mateo County. Persons seeking housing must either live, work or attend school in San Mateo County or have a housing voucher for San Mateo County. In this housing market, rents in the Home Sharing Program typically range from $750 on up with occasional lower rents. Some rents include utilities and others pay a portion. Reduced Rent Exchanges involve non-medical care such as helping with meals, shopping, cleaning, companionship and doing errands. There are generally more rent exchanges than reduced rent exchanges. Each person has their own space and share common areas. Sometimes clients share a one bedroom unit with one person taking the living room space and the other taking the bedroom. After clients are interviewed by a HIP Housing coordinator, clients are given referrals and contact potential housemates on their own using a guide provided by the agency. HIP Housing’s Home Sharing Coordinators help complete Living Together Agreements between housemates and provide follow-up support.

2.                What are the benefits of Home Sharing?

Whether a home provider or home seeker, one of the reasons persons decide to home share is because they find it difficult to afford housing costs on their own. For those hoping to find an affordable or low-income housing unit, they may encounter long or closed waiting lists. The reality of getting low-income housing within a short period of time isn’t likely. That’s why home sharing can be a unique housing option. Some clients home share until they are able to find subsidized or low-income housing while others choose home sharing as a way to keep their housing costs affordable on a long-term basis.

For home providers, with someone else living in the home they are able to continue living in their own home and neighborhood. Additional benefits of home sharing allow home providers to save money, put the extra income toward other personal or housing expenses, experience a sense of security, enjoy companionship and maintain independence.

With market rents unattainable for many, home sharing gives home seekers an affordable room in a home atmosphere. Many home sharers receive mutual benefits of companionship and security, the opportunity to help the home provider and being able to save money, reduce debt and keep housing & utility costs affordable.

3.                What type of client applies to the home sharing program?

HIP Housing interviews clients of all walks of life including those who are working, seniors, single parents, persons with disabilities, persons exiting from a shelter, students and others who receive benefits such as unemployment, TANF, retirement or disability income.

4.                What information do we need from the person applying for home sharing?

Applicants are asked to provide proof of ID, names and phone numbers of three persons they would like to use as a reference (preferably employment, residence and personal) and proof of their income. Income information is confidential and used only for statistical purposes. If you are seeking housing, you will be required to provide a current or former landlord or housemate as a reference. Provided the information is available, HIP Housing will conduct a criminal background search through Superior Court databases and a National Sex Offender database check. Information obtained may disqualify someone from the program or may require disclosure on the application and to potential housemates.

5.                How long does it take to place someone in home sharing?

Clients are encouraged to keep in regular contact with their home sharing coordinator to receive referrals of potential housemates and then to follow-up with the referrals given by returning calls and making appointments to see potential housemates. The number of referrals given to clients of potential housemates depends on a number of factors: family size seeking housing, amount of rent charged/able to pay, location, pets, smoking and other personal preferences. HIP Housing’s staff will work with clients for the duration of the time they are searching for a housemate whether the client finds a placement through our agency or something on their own. HIP Housing cannot guarantee a housemate placement.


6.                How long does the typical match last?

If both parties are happy with the match & circumstances do not change for either side, matches can last for many years, with great friendships being formed. The average length of stay is nearly three years with some matches lasting a shorter or longer period of time.

7.                Do you match people of different ages, interests and genders?

Yes. Clients are asked to complete a questionnaire giving them the opportunity to share with us their ideal home share arrangement, personal characteristics and other factors regarding living with another person. Clients have the opportunity to interview and select their own housemate and to check the references of clients.

8.                How do you complete a match?

The two parties in a home sharing match are offered the opportunity to put their understandings in writing by completing a Living Together Agreement with the assistance of the housing counselor. Each participant is encouraged to review the agreement periodically to make any adjustments or changes. HIP Housing is available to help housemates work through any issues or concerns once the housing arrangement begins. If the match needs to end, each participant is expected to give the other party a written notice as agreed upon in the Living Together Agreement.

9.                What can you do to help encourage persons to home share?

People may not consider home sharing an option because they believe they can find their own place, find a housemate on their own or may have had a negative experience home sharing on their own. For those seeking housing, finding independent housing may be a longer term goal and clients should take into consideration their ability to pay a first and last month’s rent and deposit, credit and debt situation and paying a rent that may be beyond their means. For Home Providers, they may have had a negative experience sharing with someone in the past. It’s possible they were not provided with the guidance and support needed to help make a successful shared living arrangement (i.e., how to interview a housemate, checking references, completing a Living Together Agreement, follow-up support). HIP Housing provides one-on-one support to clients to help create a positive shared housing arrangement.

10.             How do people apply to the Home Sharing Program?

Persons can call our staff to discuss home sharing as a possibility for them. Contact HIP Housing at 650-348-6660 for information and to schedule an interview. The interview will last approximately 45 minutes and will involve meeting with one of HIP Housing’s Home Sharing Coordinators to complete an application and interview. HIP Housing has 4 offices throughout San Mateo County and staff bilingual in Spanish.

11.             Where are the offices located?

The main office is at 800 S. Claremont in San Mateo. The Redwood City office at the Fair Oaks Community Center is open on Tuesdays & Thursdays. The South San Francisco Office at the Magnolia Senior Center is open on Tuesdays. The Daly City Office at the Daly City Community Center is open on Thursdays. Persons can call our main office at 650-348-6660 to schedule an appointment in any of our offices. It doesn’t matter which office the client has their interview in. Each housing coordinator has the same referrals. If a client is home bound, a home visit will be arranged.

CALL HIP HOUSING        (650) 348-6660             800 S. Claremont #210, San Mateo 94402                                 www.hiphousing.org

Home Sharing Program - HIP Housing




Programa de Vivienda Compartida Personas que Buscan

HIP Housing es una organización sin fines de lucro, viviendas asequibles en el condado de San Mateo. Si está buscando un compañero de casa, esta es una lista de personas que andan

buscando vivienda a partir de Septiembre de 2021


Por favor comuníquese con HIP Housing al 650-348-6660 para obtener más información o visite www.hiphousing.org

Una Señora desea alquilar una habitación con muebles o sin muebles en el centro del Condado o en la Costa y lo maximo que puede pagar por la renta es $1,200. La casa donde ella vivía esta en venta, debido a que la dueña de la casa por durante 16 años acaba de fallecer. Ella acepta mascotas, y fumadores fuera de la casa. La señora trabaja en el restaurant de su familiay le gusta cocinar y hornear. #6158

Un señor esta buscando donde vivir, el compartió una vivienda por 14 años con uno de los proveedores de vivienda de HIP Housing, y necesita un nuevo lugar para vivir sea en Foster City o San Mateo. Su compañero de casa acaba de fallecer y la casa será vendida. El está buscando una casa donde no fumen y sin muebles. Durante su tiempo libre, le gusta estar con su familia, manejar bicicleta y leer. #6161

Una señora busca una casa donde vivir, ella compartió un cuarto en una casa por durante 30 años. El alquiler sigue subiendo, y le gustaria encontrar algo menos costoso que puede ser de Milbrae a Belmont. Ella puede pagar hasta $1,600 por un cuarto separado, sin muebles y prefiere un ambiente donde no se fume. Durante su tiempo libre le gusta armar rompecabezas, jugar con las cartas y leer. #4756

Una Señora busca vivir en el norte del Condado a través de San Mateo y en la costa. Necesita mudarse debido que la dueña de casa esta vendiendo la propiedad. Ella busca un hogar donde no fumen, con o sin mascotas. La habitación puede ser con muebles o sin muebles. Ella solo puede pagar $700 al mes. Ella trabaja como cuidadora todo el dia fuera de casa y en su tiempo libre trabaja como voluntaria en una compañia sin fines de lucro, hacienda actividades al aire libre y haciendo jardineria. #6167

Un señor con un perro pequeño está buscando una vivienda en cualquier lugar del Condado de San Mateo. El solo puede pagar hasta $ 1500 por una habitación con muebles o sin muebles y donde no fumen. Su perro se lleva bien con otros animales excepto con los gatos. El planea llevar su perro al trabajo todos los días. Durante su tiempo libre, le gusta visitar a su novia y pasear al aire libre. #6188

Un señor está buscando una habitación para alquilar en cualquier lugar del Condado de San Mateo, excepto en la costa. El solo puede pagar hasta $ 1,500 por una habitación con muebles o sin muebles y donde no se fume. Mascotas esta bien. El acaba de mudarse en esta area por su trabajo como professor. Durante su tiempo libre, le gusta viajar, escribir, estudiar, leer, y hacer ejercicios en el gimnasio. # 6166

Una señora busca una habitación sin muebles en el centro del Condado de San Mateo y solo puede pagar hasta $ 900. Ella desea un hogar donde no se fume; mascotas esta bien. Ella busca un compañero (a) de piso amable y amistoso (a). Ella hará lo posible de ser una buena compañera de cuarto. #6033

Un señor busca una vivienda en el área norte del centro del Condado de San Mateo. Necesita una habitación con muebles y puede pagar hasta $ 2,000. El esta buscando un hogar donde no fumen; mascotas esta bien. El señor se está mudando por un nuevo trabajo. El dice que puede hacer en la casa toda clase de trabajo y que puede ayudar en muchas cosas.# 6162

Una señora busca una habitación separada y sin muebles/ADU y puede pagar hasta $2,000 al mes. Desea que la vivienda sea localizada en el centro del Condado. Ella se describe como extremadamente ordenada, tranquila y paga el alquiler en la fecha de vencimiento o antes. Durante su tiempo libre, le gusta pasar con sus amigos cercanos y familiares, hacer caminatas, viajar, cocinar y trabajar en el jardín.


Home Sharing Program Housing Offered

Your spare room can change a life. Rent it with HIP Housing.

HIP Housing is a non-profit, affordable housing organization in San Mateo County. Do you have a spare room in your home or an ADU* for rent? Contact HIP

Housing at (650) 348-6660. Sample list of rooms as of SEPTEMBER 2021


Unfurnished bedroom in great Millbrae location. The room is within walking distance to Public Transportation, including BART. You can take a leisurely walk to Safeway, Trader Joe’s, Restaurants, neighborhood parks, and other conveniences in the area. SFO Airport and Highway 101 are less than 5 minutes away. The owner is requesting $1100- per month plus a security deposit. Non-smoker, please. Ref# 1168

Ranch style Home in quiet San Bruno neighborhood with a bedroom which can be furnished or unfurnished and a private bathroom. The kitchen, washer, and dryer are shared. The Home is within walking distance to Public transportation and neighborhood parks. SFO Airport, Highways 280 and 101 are within close proximity. The owner is requesting $1,000- per month plus Security Deposit. Non-smoker, please. Ref# 1170

Secluded Belmont home has a furnished bedroom with a private bathroom available. There is a washer/dryer available to use, a beautiful deck area to relax and enjoy the sun and wooded view. Public transportation/Cal Trains, grocery stores, restaurants, and the College of Notre Dame are nearby. Highway 280 is less than 5 minutes away. The owner is requesting $1200- plus a Security Deposit. Non-smoker, please. Ref# 1173

Unfurnished Bedroom with private bathroom in San Mateo Condo Complex. There is a patio with a beautiful view of San Mateo Hills. The complex is within walking distance to CSM and public transportation. The unit is equipped with an in-unit laundry facility. There is a detached one-car garage plus an assigned parking space, close to the unit. There is a heated community swimming pool. This is an extremely quiet and safe neighborhood with very little foot traffic. The complex has easy access to three freeways, 92, 280, and 101. Perfect commute to SFO airport, San Francisco, and South Bay. The owner is requesting $1200- per month plus a security deposit. Ref# 761

Newly remodeled ADU, (Accessory Dwelling Unit), in the Burlingame foothills near Skyline Blvd. The second story ADU includes 1 bedroom and an office. Bathroom with tile shower remodeled kitchen with new appliances, AC/Heating, Washer/Dryer, balcony overlooking a beautiful garden, and a private parking space. Highway 280 is nearby. The owner is requesting $2,000- per month which includes water, trash, electricity, recycling, and compost.

Non-smoker, please. Ref# 1167

Unfurnished bedroom with private bathroom in comfy Foster City Townhome. There is a washer/dryer available to use, and a quiet, private garden for sunning or relaxing. Public transportation is within walking distance, jogging, walking, and biking trails are nearby. Highways 92 and 101 are within close proximity. The owner is requesting $1,195- per month plus a Security Deposit. Non-smoker, please. Ref# 1165

Large unfurnished bedroom and private bathroom in beautiful Emerald Hills home. The home is located in a quiet, secluded location surrounded by local Parks and nature walking trails in Redwood City. There is an on-site laundry facility, great rear yard. Edgewood Natural Preserve is less than 5 minutes away. Public Transportation, Downtown Redwood City, and Highway 280 within close proximity. The owner is requesting $1300- per month, plus a Security Deposit, utilities are included in the rent. Must like pets as there are pets in the home. Non-smoker, no pets please. Ref# 1172

Great furnished bedroom in a quiet home located in East Palo Alto. The home is in convenient proximity to Public Transportation, Highways 101 and 84. Stanford University, Facebook, downtown Palo Alto boutiques, shops, restaurants, and recreational areas are all nearby. The owner is requesting $1,000- per month plus a Security Deposit, non-smoker, please. Ref# 848

Home Sharing Self-Sufficiency for Families Property Development

Thank you for referring your clients, friends, family, neighbors, employees, and others *ADU stands for “Accessory Dwelling Unit”


Home Sharing Program Persons Seeking

HIP Housing is a non-profit, affordable housing organization in San Mateo County.
If you are seeking a housemate, this is a sample list of persons

seeking housing as of September 2021

Please contact HIP Housing at 650-348-6660 for more information or visit www.hiphousing.org


Female seeking a furnished or unfurnished room for up to $1,200 in the mid-County or on the Coast. Landlady of 16 years recently passed away and the home is being sold. Outside smokers and pets ok. Home Seeker works for her family’s restaurant and enjoys cooking and baking. #6158

Male home seeker, who has been home sharing with one of HIP Housing’s Home Providers for 14 years, is in need of a new place to live in Foster City or San Mateo. His housemate recently passed away and the home will be sold. Seeking a non-smoking household and an unfurnished room. During his free time, he enjoys spending time with family, bike riding, and reading. #6161

Female home seeker has home shared in the same home for over 30 years. The rent continues to be raised and she’d like to look for something less expensive from Millbrae to Belmont. She can pay up to $1600 for an unfurnished separate unit and prefers a non-smoking environment. During her free time, she enjoys doing puzzles, playing card games, and reading. #4756

Female seeking housing in the North County through San Mateo and on the Coast. She needs to move because her landlord is selling the property. Seeking a non-smoking household, with or without pets. Room can be furnished or unfurnished. She can afford up to $700/month. She is a full-time caregiver outside of the home and spends free time volunteering for a non-profit, being outdoors, and gardening. #6167

Male home seeker with a small dog is seeking housing anywhere in San Mateo County. He can pay up to $1500 for a room that is furnished or unfurnished and in a non-smoking household. His dog gets along with other animals except cats. He plans on bringing the dog with him to work every day. During his free time, he enjoys visiting his girlfriend, and being outdoors. #6188

Male home seeker is looking for a room to rent anywhere in San Mateo County except on the Coast. He can pay up to $1,500 for a furnished or unfurnished room in a non-smoking household. Pets ok. He recently moved to the area for a teaching position. During his free time, he enjoys travelling, writing, studying, reading, exercising at the gym. #6166

Female home seeker looking for an unfurnished room in Mid-San Mateo County and can pay up to $900. Seeking a non­smoking household; pets ok. Seeking a kind, and friendly housemate. Will do whatever it takes to make a good roommate. #6033

Male seeking housing in the North to Mid San Mateo County area. Needs a furnished room and can pay up to $2,000. Seeking a non-smoking household; pets ok. Home seeker is relocating for a new job. Said he’s very handy around the house and can help do many things. #6162

Female seeking an unfurnished separate unit/ADU for up to $2,000 per month. Primarily seeking housing in the Mid-County. Describes herself as extremely neat, quiet, and, pays rent on or before due date. During free time, she enjoys spending time with close friends and family, hiking, traveling, cooking, and gardening.

Home Sharing Self-Sufficiency Program Property Development

Thank you for referring your clients, friends, family, neighbors, employees, and others


El Programa de Compartimiento de Vivienda

Viviendas Ofrecidas

Su cuarto disponible puede cambiar una vida. Alquílalo con HIP Housing.

HIP Housing es una organización sin fines de lucro de viviendas asequibles en el condado de San Mateo. ¿Tiene un cuarto en su hogar o segunda unidad para alquilar? Contacte HIP Housing a 650­348-6660 o visite hiphousing.org. Lista parcial de cuartos disponibles en Septeimbre 2021


Un cuarto sin muebles en una ubicación estupenda en la ciudad de Millbrae. El cuarto está poca distancia a pie del transporte público, incluyendo el BART. Usted puede tomar un paseo tranquilo a Safeway, Trader Joe's, restaurantes, parques, y otras comodidades en la zona. El aeropuerto de San Francisco y la carretera 101 están a menos de 5 minutos de distancia. El propietario solicita $1,100 mensuales y un depósito. Ref# 1168

Casa estilo rancho en el tranquilo vecindario de San Bruno con un dormitorio que se puede amueblar o sin amueblar y un baño privado. La cocina, lavadora y secadora son compartidas. La casa se encuentra a poca distancia del transporte público y los parques del vecindario. El aeropuerto SFO, las autopistas 280 y 101 se encuentran muy cerca. El propietario solicita $1,000 por mes más un depósito de seguridad. No fumador, por favor. Ref #1170

La casa aislada de Belmont tiene un dormitorio amueblado con baño privado disponible. Hay una lavadora y secadora disponible para usar, una hermosa área de terraza para relajarse y disfrutar del sol y la vista del bosque. El transporte público, Cal Train, supermercados, restaurantes y el Universidad de Notre Dame están cerca. La autopista 280 está a menos de 5 minutos. El propietario solicita $1,200 más un depósito de seguridad. No fumador, por favor. Ref #1173

Habitación sin muebles con baño privado en el complejo de condominios San Mateo. Hay un patio con una hermosa vista. El complejo se encuentra a poca distancia de CSM y del transporte público. La unidad está equipada con una instalación de lavandería. Hay un garaje independiente y un espacio de estacionamiento asignado. Hay una piscina comunitaria. Este es un vecindario extremadamente tranquilo y seguro con muy poco tráfico. El complejo tiene fácil acceso a 92, 280 y 101. Viaje diario perfecto al aeropuerto SFO, San Francisco y South Bay. El propietario solicita $1,200 por mes más un depósito de seguridad. Ref #761

Una Segunda unidad remodelada recientemente en Burlingame, cerca de Skyline Blvd. El segundo piso de la unidad tiene un dormitorio y una oficina sin muebles. Baño con ducha de azulejos, cocina remodelada con electrodomésticos nuevos, aire acondicionado/calefacción, lavandería, balcón con vistas de un jardín hermoso, y una plaza de aparcamiento privado. La carretera 280 está cerca. El propietario está solicitando $2,000 mensuales y un depósito. El alquiler incluye agua, basura, electricidad, reciclaje y abono. No se permite fumar. Ref# 1167

Un cuarto con baño privado en Foster City. Hay una lavadora y secadora disponible para usar y un tranquilo jardín privado para tomar el sol o relajarse. El transporte público está a una corta distancia y los senderos para caminar y andar en bicicleta esta cerca. Las autopistas 92 y 101 están muy cerca. El propietario solicita $1,195 por mes mas un deposito de seguridad. No fumadores, por favor. Ref #1165

Amplia habitación sin muebles y un baño privado. La casa está en Emerald Hills. La casa esta ubicada en un lugar tranquillo y aislado, rodeado de parques locales y senderos para caminar por la naturaleza en Redwood City. Hay una instalación de lavandería, un gran patio trasero. La reserva natural de Edgewood esta a menos de 5 minutos. Transporte público, el centro de Redwood City y la autopista 280 están muy cerca. El propietario solicita $1,300 por mes, mas un deposito de seguridad, los servicios públicos están incluidos en la renta. Deben gustarle mascotas, ya que hay mascotas en la casa. No fumador, no se admiten mascotas. Ref #1172

Gran cuarto amueblado en una casa tranquila en la ciudad de East Palo Alto. La casa está ubicada cerca del transporte, las carreteras 101 y 84. Universidad de Stanford, Facebook, El centro de Palo Alto, tiendas, restaurantes y las áreas de recreación están todas cerca. La renta es de $1,000 mensuales y hay un depósito de seguridad. No fumadores, no mascotas por favor. Ref# 848

Compartimiento de Viviendas Programa de Autosuficiencia para Familias Desarrollo de Propiedades Gracias por referir sus clientes, amigos, familia, vecinos, empleados, y otros.

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