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History Museum Continues its FREE First Fridays Program on December 3, 2021 

Article Source:  County of San Mateo - CA

History Museum Continues its FREE First Fridays Program on December 3, 2021   

Both In-Person and Online  


The San Mateo County History Museum will be open without admission fees on December 3, 2021, as part of its continuing “FREE First Fridays” program.  The Museum is located at 2200 Broadway within the 111-year-old “Old Courthouse” in Redwood City.  It features exhibits related to the use of natural resources, suburban development, ethnic experience and entrepreneurial achievement on the Peninsula from the time of the Ohlone Indian through today.  


The Museum will also continue its “Online FREE First Fridays” offering that day.  Two programs are planned for the public without any fees.  Preschool children will be invited to learn about the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah.  They will create a paper dreidel at home.  Then Museum staff will conduct a reading.  Youngsters will hear the story Hanukkah Bear.  Docents will also lead an online tour of the Museum for adults.  Go to historysmc.org/free-first-Fridays for more information.  The “FREE First Fridays” program is sponsored by San Mateo Credit Union.   

Sarah Phelps 

Development Associate 

San Mateo County Historical Association  

2200 Broadway, Redwood City, CA 94063 

Ph: 650.299.0104, ext. 224 | Fax: 650.299.0141 | Cell: 650.542.0562

sarah@historysmc.org | www.historysmc.org 


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