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HELP Fight PG&E's WMCE Wildfire Rate Request

Contact the California Public Utilities Commission

Article Source:  PG&E's Mailing & Comments by Robert Riechel


PG&E Customers:

It you read your latest PG&E bill’s insert on WMCE, you will read that PG&E is again before the California PUC (and it already has requested a yet unapproved rate increase) requesting $1.3 BILLION for work performed mainly during the years 2017-2019 related to wildfire mitigation, responding to certain catastrophic events and a number of other activities.

California State Senator Jerry Hill had for years fought on YOUR behalf to reign in the CPUC in approving PG&E rate increases as PG&E in many cases did not use the approved money for the reasons stated in their rate increases.  PG&E at times made more than one request for a rate increase for money to do the same work.

Regardless who in the California State Legislature is picking up where Senator Jerry Hill is leaving off,

YOU need to do YOUR part to work to curtail the CPUC from continuing to rubber stamp PG&E’s continual rate increases to fix conditions PG&E did not fix previously and to fix conditions they should fix as part of doing their business.  How many times must PG&E receive rate increases to fix the same problem?

HERE is who YOU need to contact and voice your disapproval of the CPUC again granting PG&E yet another rate increase.

To submit YOUR comment to the CPUC visit http://cpuc.ca.gov/A2009019COMMENT

Scroll down in the document and there is a icon link to LEAVE PUBLIC COMMENT

Here YOU can view documents relating to this proceeding.

For answers to your questions on this matter:

E=Mail:  Public.Advisor@cpuc.ca.gov


Mail to: CPUC

               Public Advisor’s Office

              505 Van Ness Avenue

              San Francisco,  CA  94102




Questions to ASK:

1.      WHAT other activities will this requested rate increase pay for? 

2.      WILL this requested rate increase pay for SALARIES?

3.      WILL this requested rate increase pay for RETIREMENTS?

4.      WILL this requested rate increase pay for BONUSES?


Consider asking the CPUC to add YOU to their mailing list for ALL future communications relating to WILDFIRE MITIGATION AND CATASTROPHIC EVENTS APPLICATION A.20-09-019 and similar applications

Consider sharing this information with all of YOUR friends and neighbors.



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