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San Bruno Park School District
Statement on Racism

Article Source:  Superintendent of San Bruno Park School District

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March 18, 2021

Dear San Bruno Park Community,

Our nation has experienced so much in the last year that has been troublesome and tragic. The death of George Floyd and others triggered a response to institutional racism that has been slow to dismantle. It also ignited an overdue momentum to address systemic racism and suppression that people of color have endured and fought against for centuries. It should be progress we see, not setbacks.

If the ravages of the COVID-19 pandemic upon our country hadn't already exacted a high toll - close to 30 million cases in the United States so far, and nearly 540,000 deaths - it has exacted, unfairly, racist overtones, targeting yet another minority group. Asians and Asian-Americans.

Recent headlines report nearly 3,800 incidents of anti-Asian racism across the country since the pandemic struck, with close to 1,700 of those cases here in California. Our Asian neighbors, students, and community members are being subjected to verbal harassment, to physical abuse, and to a type of abuse that crosses boundaries - flat-out being refused for service. For being Asian.

This is unconscionable. To be harassed, abused, and minimized —just for being Asian. For being Black. For being Brown.

We cannot let anti-Asian hate be a legacy of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The San Bruno Park School District is committed to its obligation to teach our students about bias and historical racism that has led to these acts of violence. I ask that you stand with us, as we stand with all members of our community.

Some resources available to you and your families are below. Thank you for being part of the work to overcome racism and hate, and advocate for tolerance, understanding, and acceptance.

In solidarity,

Jose Espinoza-




Bright Horizons - Age-Appropriate Lessons to Raise Anti-Racist Kids

Parents.com - Anti-racism for Kids: An Age-by-Age Guide to Fighting Hate

San Mateo County Office of Education —Antiracism and Injustice Resources

San Mateo County Bar Association - Race & Social Justice Task Force

Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) - Hate and Extremism 2020

Stop AAPI Hate Reporting Center - Multilingual resources for impacted community members

Today.com - How do we teach kids about anti-racism? These resources will help.


Jennifer M. Blanco, Teri Chavez, Andrew T. Mason, Henry Sanchez, M.D., Andriana Shea

Jose A. Espinoza, Superintendent


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