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Aug 4 2021 Lunch Meeting Will Be In-Person

Article Source: SIR

Exciting News: At the June 2nd SIR Board meeting, a unanimous decision was reached that our Members of Branch 4 will be meeting “In-person” Wednesday, August 4th, 2021.

 We are thrilled that we will be gathering in-person for the first time since March 2020 and will be able to be with and interact with our friends once again.

There will be protocols that each of us will be required to follow to ensure the safety and well-being of our members. These rules are required by our State organization and the Federal CDC.

1.       Proof of vaccination – each member must show their card at the Badge Table upon entrance to the Elks Lodge building. A system will be devised so the proof is shown only once.

2.       Masked? At this writing, we recommend that members wear their masks when not eating or drinking.  That requirement may change if circumstances allow.

SIR Branch 4 Board Meeting:  Further details will be discussed and planned during the next Zoom Board meeting, Wednesday, July 7th. At 10:30AM.

You are welcome to attend this meeting:  email George Suter at sutergeo80@gmail.com -

Subject “SIR business” to receive an invite.

Message from Bill Gipe – Membership:

Branch 4 membership total is 111. Reminder: SIR dues for 2021 are waived. Let's look forward to the return of the SIR lunch & activities soon.

. Branch 4 remembers the June birthdays of Peter Aiello, Ed Arce, Bruce Barichievich, Jack Benjamin (Honored Super Senior), Bob Bowen, Tony Braganza, Dave Carelli, Bob Eshoo, Sandar Halasz, Charles Hoenisch, and George Kallas.

Golf: Jack Major 415-412-6654 (cell) and Paul Nocero 415-254-8175.

A 2021 summary of the local SIR golf rules has been published and is now available. Check the web site: http://branch4.sirinc2.org/golf.html.

The 2021 Sharp Park Tournaments are still scheduled for the second Tuesday of the month, starting at 0930. Check the website for the current schedules and past results. Signups and results will be emailed until we get back to lunches.

Results of the May 11th Sharp Park match - We had 12 players in 3 groups. Conditions were overcast getting better around 1030. Fairways had myriad gopher mounds, the greens were fine. We just luckily needed only 2 carts: I'm not sure the 3rd was available..

The 2021 Poplar Creek Tournaments are all scheduled for Tuesdays this year – 2/16, 4/26/22, 6/22, 8/24 (aeration - will change) 10/26, 12/21 – starting at 1000.

Next Poplar Creek Tournament: Tuesday June 22nd - first tee-off is 1000.  Signups will be sent out online. Green ($34), optional cart fees are $25 single, due to Covid-19.rules. Prize merchandise vouchers can’t be used for cart rentals during tournaments. Individual payment for green/cart fees will be made to the Pro Shop. Coordinator will collect the $5 prize fees.

SIR Area 4 Away Golf Tournaments: Crystal Springs, Tilden, and Chuck Corrica are hopeful to play in 2021. Metropolitan too.

Please consider joining our club.



We have monthly luncheons with interesting speakers and good fellowship. Additionally, our members have lots of fun doing a variety of other activities such as golf, fishing, bowling, card games and computers. Many activities like travel, dining, picnics, and holiday parties include our ladies and guests. 

To get more information on our activities Click https://sirinc.org/


We don't raise money.

We don't have a political agenda.

We don't have a religious orientation.

We don't sell light bulbs or anything else.

We don't have a problem with organizations that do these things, it’s just that we don't.

Come join us - make new friends and have fun.

Info: Bill Gipe

2323 Galway Drive

South San Francisco

CA 94080


Source Credit: SIR's David Nigel

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