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Sons In Retirement - Oct - Nov 2020 Issue

Article Source:  Sons In Retirement

Big Sir – Stuart Ruth

Little Sir – George Suter 

Secretary – OPEN

Treasurer – Robert Golto

Editor: George Suter


God   Bless   America

Oct-Nov 2020 Issue

In-Person meetings halted until further notice


Message from Bill Gipe – Membership:

2020 Branch 4 membership includes 108 members and 4 Super Seniors. Thanks to all members. Please note: SIR Branch 4 memberships roll over to 2021, when hopefully we can safely meet again. Take care.

Branch 4 remembers the October birthdays of Bob Arata, John Cooney, Bob Fontes, John Gehring, Dan Herran, Dave Ocampo, Stu Ruth and Ted Wright.

Branch 4 notes the November birthdays of Dennis Hoyt, John Lewkowitz, Russ Lindquist, Dan Linehan, Bud Loughran, Daniel Quigg, Gene Rieland, George Suter and John Valdez.

Sunshine Report: Branch 4 sends greetings to Nick Fesunoff, Jack Major and Bud Sandkulla.

From your Golf Chairmen  Jack Major 415-412-6654 (cell) and Paul Nocero 415-254-8175:

A 2020 summary of the local SIR golf rules has been published and is now available. Check the web site: http://branch4.sirinc2.org/golf.html.

The 2020 Sharp Park Tournaments are still scheduled for the second Tuesday of the month, starting at 0930. Check the website for the current schedules and past results. Signups and results will be emailed until we get back to lunches.

Results of the Oct 13th  match: We had 21 players and conditions were just fine. We had shared carts.  Highlights were: Don Appleton birdie on par-5 hole 13, which helped out for 2nd place in HCP Group 1 Dan Linehan - birdie on Hole #8 at 6'-7" for 1st place.

Next Sharp Park Tournament: Tuesday, November 10th- first tee-off is 0930.  SIR members and their guests are invited. No breakfasts yet.  Check in a half-hour before your tee time, outside on the veranda facing the first tee. I’ll send out a signup email a week before and the lineup will be sent out by email a few days before.  Sharp Park fees are $30 - $24 greens, and $6 prize fund. Add a cart for $15 for $45.  Put the cards in the envelope being held by the starter.

The 2020 Poplar Creek Tournaments are all scheduled for Tuesdays except June this year

–2/18, 4/14, Wed. 6/17, 8/25 (changed), 10/20, 12/15 – starting at 1015.

Results of the October 20th match: We had 27 players with 3 guests of Dennis Meixner, and 3 guests of Dan Linehan. Some of these guys will turn into members when we get to have lunches again.  The weather was ideal with the temp in the high 60's, and a couple of knots of wind. The fairways were good, and the greens were in fine shape and fast.  The Covid-19 San Mateo rules were in effect.

Highlights were: Birdies: Paul Walsh on par-4 hole 11, John Bologna on par-3 hole 5 from 24', Jim O'Shea on par-3 hole 17 and closest to the hole too. Dennis and his guests hogged the hole-5 closest prizes.

Next Poplar Creek Tournament: Tuesday December 15th    - first tee-off is 1000.  Signups will be sent out online. Green ($34), prize fees ($6 cash), optional cart fees are $25 single, due to Covid-19.rules, payable to the coordinator. Prize merchandise vouchers can’t be used for cart rentals during tournaments.

Note: Individual payment were made to the Pro Shop for the October match.

SIR Area 4 Away Golf Tournaments: Crystal Springs is coming up. No arrangements yet.

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