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Dead Bird Reporting During COLD Season

Article Source:  California Department of Public Health

This is to let you know the West Nile virus and dead bird call center will transition to accepting internet reports only for the cold season on Friday, October 13th, at 12 pm. That day will mark the end of the WNV dead bird testing season for 2023. To date this year, approximately 1,693 dead birds have been submitted for testing and 695 have tested positive for WNV.

Winter protocol: Beginning Oct. 13 in the afternoon, callers to the line (1-877-WNV-BIRD) will hear a message encouraging them to visit http://westnile.ca.gov and fill out an online report. Online reporters will receive an appropriate automatic email response with carcass disposal advice, how to contact their local VCD, or instructions for further action if the bird is suitable and the local agency is testing. We will review each internet report and follow up as necessary.

  • For dead bird reports, pickups, bird identification, endangered species, or dead bird collection status matters, please contact Margaret Kerrigan (510-412-6251;margaretc.kerrigan@cdph.ca.gov)
  • For WNV dead bird testing and results questions, please contact Hannah Romo (hannah.romo@cdph.ca.gov))



Hannah E. Romo MS, PhD

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Vector-Borne Disease Section

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