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Monthly Report - San Mateo County Mosquito & Vector Control District - Oct 2020

Article Source: San Mateo County Mosquito & Vector Control District - CA

San Mateo County's First West Nile Virus Detection in 2020

On Sept. 30th, the District announced the detection of West Nile virus in a dead American crow collected from South San Francisco. This was the first detection of West Nile virus in San Mateo County in 2020, and also the first detection since 2018.

The presence of infected dead birds is an early indication that the virus may be circulating in the environment. However, wild birds often fly long distances, and so this does not always mean that there is an elevated risk of West Nile virus in the immediate area. The District laboratory conducted additional surveillance to determine if infected mosquitoes were present in the area where the crow was collected, but did not find any further sign of West Nile virus. 

While the risk of human West Nile virus infection in San Mateo County remains low, residents are reminded to take precautions against mosquito bites, particularly at dusk and dawn when the mosquitoes that transmit West Nile virus are most active. Residents are also encouraged to report fresh carcasses of birds to the California West Nile Virus Hotline online or by phone at 877-WNV-BIRD.

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Holiday Office Hours
We will be closed on Wednesday, Nov. 12th in observance of Veterans Day and Nov. 26 and 27th in observance of Thanksgiving. More information.
Board of Trustees Meeting Schedule
The Board of Trustees will meet on Thursday, Nov. 12th at 6pm due to the holiday. Board of Trustees meetings will be held remotely via Zoom until further notice. Download meeting agenda.

Our Work by the Numbers
In September, technicians responded to 402 service requests, including 80 reports of mosquitoes or standing water, 43 rodent inspections, and 241 yellowjacket or wasp nest removals. Read more.
Welcoming Our New Manager

Earlier this fall, the District’s Board of Trustees voted to approve the selection of Brian Weber as the new District Manager effective October 1st. Brian takes over for Dr. Chindi Peavey, who is retiring after five years as District Manager.

Brian has been the District's Assistant Manager for the past 7 years, but originally began his career at the District in 2005 as a seasonal employee and then a vector control technician from 2006-2012. He holds an Associate of Arts from the College of San Mateo and a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts from San Francisco State University.

“Brian has worked closely with all the staff to support and deliver excellent service to the public,” said Board of Trustees President Kati Martin. “The Board looks forward to a bright future working with Brian.” The staff is also excited to continue working with Brian as we enter this new chapter in the District's history.

A Note from Dr. Chindi Peavey

I have been proud to serve the San Mateo County Mosquito and Vector Control District for the past five years as District manager and for 13 years prior to that as Laboratory Director. During my career here, we have evolved from a mosquito abatement district covering just the urbanized portion of the county on the Bay shore, to full vector control covering the entire county. It has been an honor to serve the residents of San Mateo County at one of the best vector control agencies in the country.

The Board of Trustees of this District are a dedicated group.  I appreciate the work they have done in building the District’s reputation and guiding it toward the future. The Board conducts its affairs with the highest standards of integrity, transparency and accountability and I am proud to have served with them.

Our staff are a fantastic group of people who excel at their jobs and are dedicated to serving the public. Their spirit of cooperation and teamwork has made them a joy to work with and I am proud have been a part of that team. 

Serving at the District has been a high point of my life and I will always value the people who have made this a great place to work, the friendships I have built, and the things we have accomplished together.

Thank you,

Chindi Peavey


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