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March 2021 Newsletter

Article Source:  San Mateo County Mosquito & Vector Control District

March 2021
Person holding small plastic bag with brown water
District staff are conducting outreach and backyard mosquito inspections in preparation for the summer months. While checking yards in South San Francisco, technician Devon found mosquito larvae growing in standing water.

Devon brought a sample back to the laboratory for identification, and vector ecologist Tara identified the mosquito larvae as a cool weather mosquito (Culiseta incidens). As adults, cool weather mosquitoes actively feed on people at dawn and dusk and can be a pest; however, this type of mosquito is not known to carry any germs that can cause diseases in people.

This is a good reminder that mosquitoes are active year-round, not just the summer! Check your yard at least once a week for standing water, and dump water to avoid growing mosquitoes in your yard.
Board of Trustees Meeting Schedule
The Board of Trustees will meet next month on Wednesday, April 14th. Board of Trustees meetings will be held remotely via Zoom until further notice. Download meeting agenda.
Mosquito Population Update
Counts for all species are averaging below five per trap night, which is consistent with the five-year average. The abundance of adult mosquitoes is expected to remain low until spring. Through February 2021 there has not been a lot of winter rain, so many impounds remain relatively dry.  This February, field staff collected 103 larval samples that were submitted to the laboratory for identification. The most frequently occurring species in larval samples was Culiseta incidens, the cool weather mosquito, present in 50% of the samples. Culiseta incidens larvae are found year-round in a variety of sources, especially backyard fountains and fish ponds. Aedes washinoi, commonly called the freshwater or woodland pond mosquito, and Aedes squamiger, the western salt marsh mosquito, were also collected frequently this past month. Read more.
Tick-Borne Disease Surveillance
Laboratory staff began winter surveillance for adult Ixodes pacificus (Western black-legged ticks) in December. Ixodes pacificus ticks will be tested for the presence of bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi, the causative agent of Lyme disease, as well as Borrelia miyamotoi and Anaplasma phagocytophilum. Parks and neighborhoods that were surveyed in February were Eaton Park in San Carlos, Crystal Springs Regional Trail near Hillsborough, Filoli Estate in Woodside, Butano State Park in Pescadero and Huddart Park in Woodside. Additionally, laboratory staff conducted tick surveillance at several schools adjacent to tick habitat in Pacifica. Adult tick surveillance will continue through March, and nymphal tick surveillance is planned for springRead more.
February Service Requests
In February, the District responded to a total of 103 resident service requests, including 38 reports of mosquitoes or standing water, 23 rodent inspection requests, and 15 dead bird reports. Dead bird service requests are twice the average number for February, mainly because of a continuation of a salmonellosis outbreak among pine siskins. Read more
Pine Siskin Dead Bird Update

In early February, the Wildlife Investigations laboratory within California Department of Fish and Wildlife confirmed the suspected Salmonella outbreak among pine siskins. CDFW received more than 1,200 dead bird reports within the month of January alone. The Bay Area is a hotspot for the bacteria simply because there is a high concentration of birdfeeders. The District began to receive reports of dead pine siskins and finches in late December 2020. Since that initial report, about half of the total dead birds tested by the San Mateo District Laboratory have been pine siskins (23/42). District staff continues to encourage residents to suspend the use of bird feeders in their yard at this time. Read more


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