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SWA - November 17 thru December 31 2021

Article Source:  SWA

The current show at the Society of West-Coast Art Center. 527 San Mateo Ave.,  San Bruno was judged by Edna Acri, Diana Day Glynn and Leona Moriarty and runs until December 31.2021 the center will be closed Thanksgiving week the 24th through the 27th, and Christmas week December 22nd through the 25th, with a reception on Saturday December 11,  from !:00 to 2:30.

Awards went to 1st place Deborah, 2nd place Susan Jochheim and 3rd place Maria Sky.

Other participants are Barbara Alger, John Barrow, Lu Chang, Joe Crosetti, Catherine Streets Delfs, Martha Diaz, Anneliese Drbal, 
Sharon Slusarz Harris, Leona Marini, Yvonne Newhouse, Christine Ong-Dijcks, Olga Parr, Tony Pepito, William Ramroth, 
Sherry Vockel, Greta Waterman, and Rosemarie Willimann.

For other information, contact Leona Marini, Public Relations, Society of West-Coast Artists at leonamarini@icloud.com


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