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San Bruno November 3 2020 Measure S & X

Article Source:  City of San Bruno CA

Information About Measures X and S

Now more than ever, residents are relying on the critical services San Bruno provides, including emergency response, fire, police, and road repair services. 

Unfortunately, due to the fiscal effects of COVID-19, San Bruno has had to make significant cuts to the City’s budget, impacting the services that residents have told us they value, including:

  • Maintaining street repair and rehabilitation programs, which also generate jobs
  • Supporting San Bruno residents and families in financial transition
  • Expanding services to support local businesses as they recover
  • Maintaining neighborhood police patrols

Measures X and S

On June 28, 2020, the San Bruno City Council unanimously placed Measures X and S on the November 2020 ballot for voter consideration.

If enacted by voters November 2020:

Measure X – known as the San Bruno Recovery and Reinvestment Measure – would increase the tax paid by lodging/hotel customers from 12% to 14%.

Measure S – the Cannabis Business License Tax Measure – would allow the City of San Bruno to update its administrative code to allow the City to impose a business license tax on cannabis businesses, should the prohibition on such businesses be lifted in the future. Measure S would not lift the current cannabis business ban.

Fiscal Accountability

To ensure that money will be spent as promised, Measure X retains the fiscal accountability provisions currently in place for Hotel bed tax funds, including guaranteed annual independent audits and reports to the community. All funds generated Measure X are legally required to stay in and benefit San Bruno and cannot be taken by Sacramento.

Please make an informed decision in the upcoming Municipal Election as we work to help San Bruno recover, and keep it a great place to live, do business, and raise a family.

In addition to Measures X and S, voters will also have an opportunity to vote on local City Council candidates.

REMEMBER TO VOTE IN SAN BRUNO’S NOVEMBER MUNICIPAL ELECTION! For more information about how to participate, including recent changes on how voting is conducted made by the State and County, please visit www.sanbruno.ca.gov/Elections or San Mateo County’s webpage at www.shapethefuture.org.


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