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Talking Trash - For A Cleaner Waterway

Article Source:  flowstobay.org

Flows To Bay: San Mateo Countywide Water Pollution Prevention Program

Over time, small amounts of litter on our roads, sidewalks, and trails build up and contribute to a big water quality problem. In fact, according to research on global litter impacts, up to 80% of litter found in our local waterways originates from land—but you can help make a difference! Take the Flows To Bay Litter Pledge, invite your friends, and help be a part of the solution. For a limited time, pledge takers can choose one of two litter prevention tools (shown above): a reusable metal straw or a dog waste canister!


Speaking of litter, it’s Coastal Cleanup Month! To make cleaning up the beach safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, Coastal Cleanup Day has been changed to Coastal Cleanup Month. You can take part by choosing any Saturday in September and either going solo or recruiting a small group within your social bubble to keep you and your family and friends healthy while making a positive impact in our community!  



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